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Voices of the Streets – Episode 1: Decent Housing Now!

Voices of the Streets – Episode 1: Decent Housing Now!

October 15th 2019 | Cape Town | Protesters on a 5km march for decent housing in the CBD

Voices of the Streets is a podcast series published by the Alternative Information and Development Center (AIDC). It highlights peoples voices and opinions during political events happening primarily in Cape Town.

We believe that social justice and effective democracy implies the working class and marginalized groups to be the most listened to. Therefore we are out on the streets recording protestors, offering a mouthpiece for those voices that remain too often unheard.

“Decent Housing Now!” addresses backyarders living conditions and social struggle. People used to live in shacks and are demonstrating for decent houses in the CBD.

A march was organized by Singabalapha; We belong here. This group was occupying Arcadia Place in Observatory before getting evicted. They have since been living on the lawn outside the building. People in the group applied for housing decades ago. While still waiting for it, their patience has come to an end. Singabalaphas plea is for the government to consider immediate and adequate well-located accommodation for backyarders.

– Lesego Matshomo from Singabalapha
– Yolanda Mjuza-Poqo from Singabalapha
– various protesters at the march

Articles about the occupation and the march:

Singabalapha on facebook:

Jingle beat: Accuse by Alaska

Producers: Janina Jablonski & Emile Thiodet

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