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Understanding Brazils general strike: Six months after Bolsonaro

On Friday the 14th of June, Brazil witnessed one of the largest general strikes in recent years. Workers from various sectors joined the General Strike against the Pension Reform, in defense of Education and by jobs. Segments in the transport sector, public servants, education professionals, metallurgists, bankers, construction workers, petroleum worker’s and traders joined the day of struggle against the Jair Bolsonaro government’s attacks on social security rights, employment and education cuts. 

This forum gives an overview of Brazil under the Bolsonaro administration. It  does so by situating Brazil within the broader Global Political Economy, going over the developments that have taken place under Bolsonaro and have led to one of Brazil’s largest general strikes in years. In addition the offers an analysis of the state of working class politics and resistance in Brazil during the Bolsonaro era.

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