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DSC_0941An Empty Plate analyses the state of the South African agri-food system. Tracy Ledger demonstrates how this system is perpetuating poverty, threatening land reform; entrenching inequality and tearing apart our social fabric. The book asks two crucial questions: how did we get to this point and how might we go about solving the problem.

This is a story of money, of power, of unanticipated consequences, and of personal and social tragedy. But it is also a story of what is possible if we reimagine our society and build a new system on the foundation of solidarity and ethical food citizenship.

Listen to An Empty Plate Part 1

Listen to An Empty Plate Part 2

Amandla Forums [08/03/2017] 

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  1. Nazeer Sonday says:

    Thank you AIDC for correcting pertinent facts on Dr Ledger’ talk. The PHA Campaign supports the important work you do.

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