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Patriarchy, Power and the Labour Movement

Patriarchy, Power and the Labour Movement with Prakashnee Govender

In this period where activists have begun to expose the pervasive nature of patriarchy and misogny in activist spaces – this is a period where the labour movement needs to authentically and genuinely deal with the pervasiveness of patriarchy and misogyny in the workplace but also in the unions that are meant to protect workers. What we find in the labour movement is an entrenched culture of patriarchy and sexism with many womxn and queer people not being in leadership roles within the unions, many people being sexually harassed and violated and being told not to say anything as it will cause fragmentation and divisions with in the unions and that all policies that unions have developed around gender have not substantially been implemented and they are relegated to gender desks with limited or no power. 

If the labour movement in South Africa is actually committed to the liberation of workers from capitalist exploitation then how do we deal with this pervasive culture of sexism in the labour movement in order for all workers to be truly liberated.

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