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Can Ramaphosa Deliver?

Phindile Kunene and Michael Nassen Smith discuss the prospects for Ramaphosa’s presidency. Will CR’s “new dawn” introduce an alternative growth path that breaks from the ecologically-damaging mineral-energy complex? What local and global space, policy instruments & alliances are required for

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The Global Network of Tax Havens

 James S. Henry recently spoke to us about the global network of tax havens, looking in particular at the USA as the largest of these. James is an American economist, lawyer, and investigative journalist. He has written extensively on the

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BRICS: Liberators or Agents of Imperialism

 From the 25-27 July the BRICS heads of state will be meeting at the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg. Ahead of the summit Patrick Bond engaged in a debate with Mazibuko Jara, discussing whether BRICS is a liberator or an agent

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Thoughts from the left – what causes mental illness and how to treat it

Psychotherapy is often derided as a middle-class indulgence. Prof Wahbie Long’s talk will examine the potential for a more socially responsive profession by, first, exploring theories of mental illness from the perspective of the left, and second, by tracing the

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Extracting Profit and the New Scramble for Africa [Book Launch]

“Extracting Profit and the New Scramble for Africa” argues that the roots of today’s social and economic conditions lie in the historical legacies of colonialism and the imposition of so-called “reforms” by global financial institutions such as the World Bank

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Solidarity Against Mining in Africa

Parallel to the 8th Alternative Mining Indaba, Amandla!, The Peoples’ Dialogue and Africa Unite were hosting a forum to discuss the issue of extractivism in Africa The forum aimed at larger public awareness and mobilization about the impact of mining

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Wellbeing Economy – Beyond GDP growth

Wellbeing Economy – Book launch at the Alternative Information & Development Centre (AIDC) hosted by Amandla! Forums on the 11 May 2017. Lorenzo Fioramonti has provided a well-written and persuasive explanation of how to change the world by moving beyond

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Russian Revolution – Still relevant or anachronistic? Vivek Chibber

Russian Revolution – Still relevant or anachronistic? Lessons from the October 1917. Vivek Chibber is an American academic, social theorist, editor, and professor of sociology at New York University,[1] who has published widely on development, social theory, and politics. Chibber

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Democracy and Revolution – the Legacy of the Russian Revolution by John Molyneux

On the 8 November 2017, the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) and Amandla! Media hosted John Molyneux (former leader of the SWP) on the centenary of the October Revolution. In reflecting on the legacy of October 1917, Molyneux spoke

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Cape Towns Water Crisis – Dr Kevin Winter

At a recent One Million Climate Jobs Monthly Meeting hosted by the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) in Cape Town, UCT lecturer – Dr Kevin Winter spoke about Cape Town’s water crisis: What does the future hold? For more

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