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STAND with Mining Affected communities and demand the Right to say NO! by signing this petition

STAND with Mining Affected communities and demand the Right to say NO! by signing this petition Mining-affected communities are repeatedly denied what is known as the right to free prior and informed consent (FPIC) when it comes to mining developments in

This is what resistance to mining looks like

This is what resistance to mining looks like The Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) is an annual event that takes place parallel to the Mining Indaba (the self-proclaimed “world’s largest mining investment conference”). The AMI, unlike the MI, brings communities, NGO’s

Cape Town’s Water Crisis – How should we respond?

Cape Town’s Water Crisis – How should we respond? Cape Town, a port city situated in a natural bowl to catch fresh rainwater, is the world’s first major city running out of water. It’s dam levels fell below 30 percent

Op-Ed: The Libya Crisis and Capitalism

The Libya Crisis and Capitalism By Keamogetswe Seipato| Amandla! Ulutsha Newsletter Issue 4 | 7 December 2017 On November 17 the CNN  brought our attention to a modern slave trade taking place in Libya: Humans sold as slaves, some for as

The European Left in Times of Crises: Lessons from Greece

The European Left in Times of Crises: Lessons from Greece by Andreas Karitzis In the wake of neoliberalism and concomitant harsh austerity measures, the people of Greece resisted. The political parties in Greece inspired few, so people looked for alternatives.

Village meeting about N2 Wild Coast Toll Road: SANRAL refused to negotiate

Village meeting about N2 Wild Coast Toll Road: SANRAL refused to negotiate Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC) 2017-11-01 Today, Sanral’s “community expert” Dr Mongezi Noah and N2 Wild Coast Toll Road consultant, Mr Ntsizakalo Ngalo, left a community meeting organised by

Lenin Moreno: a new chapter for Ecuador?

Lenin Moreno: a new chapter for Ecuador? By David Fig in Quito | Amandla Magazine  As Ecuador’s new president, Lenin Moreno Garcés, gave his inaugural speech to the National Assembly members and a number of invited Latin America’s presidents, an

Izwelethu speak out: land, food & jobs (23 September 2017)

IZWELETHU SPEAK OUT: LAND, FOOD & JOBS 23 SEPTEMBER 2017 @ 10:00 – 15:00 Albertina Sisula Road, Town 2, Khayelitsha (Open Land opposite Chuma Primary School) People have been on the housing waiting list for more than 20 years.  Promises of

The overtime scam in gold mining

The overtime scam in gold mining Amandla! correspondent | Amandla! Magazine Issue No.41 | SEPTEMBER 2015 Every week, workers in gold mines work 10 hours and more in overtime. Twenty hours overtime per week is not unusual. The gold mining

‘Resistance is fertile’ – Amadiba agriculture challenges elite mining agenda

‘Resistance is fertile’ – Amadiba agriculture challenges elite mining agenda by Andrew Bennie | Daily Maverick Living on the northern-most portion of the Wild Coast of South Africa, the coastal Amadiba villages have been resisting the proposed Xolobeni Mineral Sands


UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE ASSEMBLY  (17TH AUGUST 2017) The Unemployed People’s Assembly for the Right2Work on the 17th of August 2017. Unemployed movements from around the country, will converge at Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg to demand the right to work. This is in the

Fighting back against repression:CSAAWU organises on the farms of the Western Cape

From: Amandla! Issue No.42 | OCTOBER 2015 After the 2012 strike in the Western Cape, farmworkers’ organisations have organised themselves into an umbrella group – and they have experienced a backlash from employers. Amandla! interviewed Karel Swart, Deputy General Secretary

[ACC update] “Make your choice, Minister Zwane.”

Amadiba Crisis Committee 2017-07-05:   “We don’t want any ’18 month moratorium’. Make your choice, Minister Mr Zwane, and heed our decision to say no thank you to your mining. Otherwise see us in court.” This was the message from

Clarion Call for Solidarity with Izwelethu Occupation (Khayelitsha)

We are black working class activists that have initiated an occupation as part of a broader struggle to reclaim our land and our city. We are making a call for political and material solidarity. We the backyarders of Town 2,

SAFTU contacts per sector

SAFTU contacts per sector The emergence of the new federation, SAFTU, offers hope to the current crisis in national worker representation and presents itself as a new dawn for South Africa’s trade union movement. It has proposed to fulfill the

Amadiba Update: Journalist Attackers taken to Trial

Press release Amadiba Crisis Committee 2017-06-11:  Trial in Mbizana on Tuesday 13 June for the attack during Xolobeni funeral of Bazooka Radebe. On 6 June, Mining Minister Mr Zwane finally decided an 18 month moratorium for mining applications in Xolobeni

[Watch] ihlazo (Disagrace) at Xolobeni – Sanral CEO visits Amadiba

Ihlazo (Disagrace) at Xolobeni – CEO of Sanral visits Amadiba Is the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road the right road for SANRAL to go? This film is not an abstract academic discussion, but an honest face to face encounter between the

Ivory Park occupation ends tragically

Last night (22 May 2017) two people lost their lives and 12 others have been hospitalised following violent clashes with Ekurhuleni Metro Police and the Red Ants in Ivory Park. That day about 600 houses were demolished by the EMPD following

Sex is political not personal

NUMBER OF SHOCKING incidents have featured in the news recently. In one incident, primary school children simulated rape on school playgrounds in the ‘rape game’. Rather than being distressing to the children, the game provoked laughter. In another, teenagers circulated images

Changing the law to take the land

By Local Amandla! Correspondent for Amandla! Magazine Issue 51 The protection of community land is threatened. Right now, there are proposals on three laws being debated. They concern the removal of all such protection. A significant proportion of land in

A new federation: way forward or cul de sac?

Amandla! correspondent in Amandla! Issue No.46 |JUNE 2016 The workers summit of April 30 brought together 51 unions, including the 22 affiliates of Nactu. On its own that is an achievement and a gain. The final declaration of the Summit included

Amadiba Crisis Committee: the struggle continues

By Amandla! Correspondent Amandla! Issue No.46  JUNE 2016 In Amandla! 45, we reported on the cynical assassination of Bazooka Radebe, the chairperson of the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC ). ACC has been involved in a decadelong fight against an Australian

Some lessons from history

Some lessons from history By Jan Theron Theron, was General Secretary of Food and Canning Workers Union from 1976 to 1986, writes on lessons for the new federation ahead of the launch of the South Arican Federation of Trade Unions

South African Federation of Trade Unions [SAFTU] Launch

Opening address by Raymond Mnguni, Chairperson of the Steering Committee for the new trade union federation, 21 April 2017, Boksburg Comrade Chairperson, delegates, visitors and friends On behalf of the Steering Committee I welcome you all to this historic gathering.