Million Climate Jobs monthly Meeting: 27th October 2016

Hello Everyone, We are looking forward to seeing all of you next Thursday for another meeting where we attempt to link action to good ideas and better understandings.

THURSDAY 27th OCTOBER 2016 9.30 to 12.30 AIDC 129 Rochester Rd, Observatory




1. Apologies 2. Introductions 3. Food, Agri-business and climate change: What is to be done? - Prof David Sanders 4. Investing in small scale farm models – Nazeer Sonday (Protect the Philippi Horticultural Area) 5. COP 22: Update re Marrakech & Cape Town events 6. Fossil Free SA – Brief Update: David le Page/James Irlam 7. Public Protector Complaints against the Departments of the Environment and Energy + related matters – Update – Richard Halsey (Project 90) 8. Report back from Organisations/Groups represented today 9. Research & other updates 10. Any other business 11. Date/Agenda of the next meeting NB: The amount of time given to items 7-11 is flexible and will be determined by the time available 
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