Lonmin, the Marikana Massacre and the Bermuda Connection Seminar and Press Conference

The Alternative Information and Development Centre invites you to the launch of its report on Lonmin, the Marikana massacre and the Bermuda connection.

The panel of speakers that will speak at the launch the 2 of June seminar and press conference will be Dali Mpofu SC, lawyer for the families of the killed mineworkers, Joseph Mathunjwa AMCU President, Dr Kally Forrest head of the Commission’s research arm and a representative of the Marikana Support Campaign

The report exposes Lonmin’s role in wage evasion and demonstrates how, if Lonmin had not been involved in transferring vast sums of money out of the country to tax havens, the rock drillers could have had their demand for R12 500 met in 2012. The report is being launched on 2 June 2015, in support of the call for President Zuma to urgently to release the findings of the Farlam Commission of Inquiry.

The AIDC extensive report includes additional material that has not previously been in the public domain. The report highlights the questionable way Lonmin has contributed to the problem of illicit capital flows from South Africa of more than R300 billion in 2012 alone.

Dr Dick Forslund, the lead author of the report shows that Lonmin could have honoured its Mining Charter obligation to build 5500 houses for mineworkers over five years. Pleading poverty, Lonmin managed to build just three show houses.

As argued by AIDC in its recent submission to the Davis Tax Commission, transfers such as “sales commissions” and “management fees” to tax havens and head offices are a long standing practice by multinational mining companies. These companies are ripping-off the majority of South Africans with a minority getting very rich and getting away with it. Caling into question the dubious practice of such “transfers” and the role of auditing firms in such practices that render South African workers’ wage demands and the Mining Charter obligations “unaffordable”.

In addition, this report makes a close examination of inequality at Lonmin, analysing the refusal of the Department of Labour (DoL) to abide by Section 27 of the Employment Equity Act. Section 27 deals with income disparity between management and workers. Auditing correspondence between DoL and Lonmin shows that DoL operates in breach of the Employment Equity Act. The report also highlights why it was unfortunate that the responsibility of government departments for the massacre 16 August 2012 was taken out from the Terms of Reference for the Farlam Commission in June 2014.
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