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Proud, religious, poet, truth to Power – Muhammad Ali: Free Black Man

By: Malik Miah  Source: “Muhammad Ali: Free Black Man”. Against the Current 183, July-August 2016: I ain’t got no quarrel with the Viet Cong…no Viet Cong ever called me nigger.” EVERYONE HAS A story about Muhammad Ali. For me it

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What Greece’s Creditors Should Know

Geece managed to make a recent payment of €750-million to the IMF by way of drawing down a special account Greece held at the fund. But early in June, a further payment of €300-million to the IMF is required, although

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Spinning austerity: The non-existent R16,3 billion increase for higher education

“An additional R16.3 billion has been allocated for higher education over the next three years”, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said in his budget speech 24 February. A number “R17 billion” was also circulated by Minister of Higher Education Blade Ndzimande

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Investigate executive salaries to close the wage gap

The government has embarked on a research initiative into the advisability of introducing a national minimum wage. This research forms part of an important debate that focuses, inter alia, on the wage gap in the country. This gap was highlighted

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Big business stalls crucial carbon tax

Bullying and lobbying by industry have delayed South Africa’s carbon tax, despite it being the one policy instrument that can reduce carbon emissions straight away. The necessity to lower these emissions is illustrated by the global climate negotiations. The world

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Localised Energy Generation is the Solution to the Eskom Crisis, but We Need Managed Localism

Two forms of anarchism will further imperil the energy crisis – first there’s Eskom’s anarchic pursuit of large power stations like the nuclear plant. Second, there’s the fact that those citizens and corporations who can afford it, are following their

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Build, build, build regardless: Our questionable commitment to nuclear power

What is striking about government’s unwavering commitment to the nuclear build is its apparent disregard for its own policy instruments [the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and the National Development Plan (NDP)] as well as its unwillingness to draw lessons from

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Lonmin, the Marikana Massacre and the Bermuda Connection Seminar and Press Conference

When: JUNE 2 14.00 – 16.00 Where: CONSTITUTIONAL HILL, JOHANNESBURG The Alternative Information and Development Centre invites you to the launch of its report on Lonmin, the Marikana massacre and the Bermuda connection. The panel of speakers that will speak

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Op-Ed: Step down, Danny Jordaan

Those who claim there’s nothing wrong with Danny Jordaan having a dual role as mayor and as president of SAFA – and neither of his positions will “suffer” – completely miss the point. It’s against SAFA’s Constitution and goes against

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Cape Town vs Civil Society: How much is enough spending on water and toilets?

Every year the City of Cape Town produces a draft budget the size of a packing crate. While the public is invited to make submissions on how the city’s money gets spent, the sheer size of the document alone makes

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