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Albert Woodfox, as one of the Angola 3, he was in isolation longer than any other American. Then he came home to face his future. By Rachel Aviv “What does it feel like to be free?” Woodfox asked. “How do

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New Politics – Workshops – 15 March 2017

International Conference - Crisis of Politics & the Politics of Crisis
Crisis of Politics and the Politics of Crisis: Searching for new left thinking and strategies. Read More

AIDC ( working with the Transnational Institute ( within the New Politics Platform will host a series of parallel workshops on 15 March 2017 in Cape Town. These workshops will be attended by 25 researchers, public intellectuals and social and

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“Village vs Empire” – Amandla Screening – 23 FEB @ 6PM


We live in a MAD world – we live with the threat of nuclear warfare, where mad stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. Where the theatre of war shifts across the globe and is part of our reality, no matter who

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Communities, Workers and Students demand Pro-Poor Budget

Communities, workers and students call for pro-poor budget
Communities, workers and students demand pro-poor budget Read More

Approximately 100 workers affiliated to the soon to be launched new federation, student activists and community activists from unemployed people’s movements across the country marched to Parliament on Budget Day. Their demand was that the South African government tax the rich

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2017/18 Budget: Another holding operation – Too little, too late

AIDC Statement on 2017/2018 Budget
2017/18 Budget:  Another holding operation - "too little too late". Read More

Alternative Information and Development Centre – 2017/18 Budget:  Another holding operation Under the extreme pressure of the Zuptas and other sections of the predatory elite, on the one hand, and the credit ratings agencies, on the other, Minister Gordhan has

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Justice for Mia – AIDC condemns murder of environmental lawyer

justice for mia

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) condemns the murder of environmental lawyer Mia Manuelita Cumba Masacariñas-Green. The murdering of Mia has provoked outrage in a country where environmental activists are increasingly targeted. Mia Manuelita Cumba Masacariñas-Green, Philippines, was shot

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Project Spear, ABSA Saga, Apartheid Debt + + +

absa saga2.0

Former President Thabo Mbeki and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan  have gone to extraordinary lengths to discredit the CIEX report as the illiterate rantings of a retired British spy (Michael Oatley) and bounty-hunter.  Let us now also recall the uproar that

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BINDING TREATY (UN PROCESS) WHY IS THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN MOBILIZED TOWARDS A UN BINDING TREATY FOR TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS ON HUMAN RIGHTS? The need to confront the Architecture of Impunity Between transnational corporations, states and peoples, there is an undeniable asymmetry:

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Trump and Climate Catastrophe

Trump and Climate Catastrophe
The alarm bells are ringing. The climate-change denialism of the Trump administration, coupled with its goal of maximizing fossil-fuel extraction and consumption at all costs, constitutes, in the words of Noam Chomsky, “almost a death knell for the human species."Read More

This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.  —Donald Trump, January 2, 20141 The alarm bells are ringing. The climate-change denialism of the

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South Africa and the Changing Possibilities for the Left


  South Africa and the Changing Possibilities for the Left By Leonard Gentle From website. With the claims that a new trade union federation will be launched in March 2017, it is appropriate to draw up a balance sheet of the

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