Writing for Amandla

We welcome your contribution for both our magazine and the Amandla website. We are particularly interested in receiving articles focused on current political issues written from a perspective that speaks truth to power, questions the mainstream perspective and is written simply for an audience, like you, that seeks insights without jargon and dogma. We are not looking for contributions that simply agree with the editorial line of Amandla – to the extent we have a line. We are looking for contributions that share experiences and help with building the movement we need to constitute a counter-power to capital and the state. We are looking for articles that provide perspective on the experiences relevant to the oppressions we suffer post-Apartheid and suggest ways in which these can be combated.

In relation to your submission we reserve the right to edit all published articles for clarity, length, style, grammar and content. We undertake not to publishing your edited article without first obtaining your approval. If you have pre-submission questions or if you want to pitch something, drop us a note at editor@amandla.org.za. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got. All submissions are seriously considered, so come with that intellectual fire.


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