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Amandla Editorial Policy


Amandla solicits and publishes articles which promote discussion and debate towards a new left and anti-capitalist politics in South Africa and Southern Africa. We aim to build an open, non-sectarian space for debate, and to facilitate a dialogue for alternative thinking and action amongst popular movements and marginalized groups– including women, workers, rural communities, and the unemployed.

We publish articles which provide coverage and analysis of current political, economic and social processes, events and struggles from a radical perspective. We aim to cover the issues, activities and debates of South Africa’s social and labour movements and other popular organisations. We look for material which can give the reader an in-depth insight into their challenges, struggles, programmes and strategies.


Editorial policy is focused on editing all articles so that they are accessible to activists, and not just to scholars and academics. Language is simplified and concepts are explained. We ensure that authors are comfortable with edited text before publication. Word density is restricted to 1,400 per double page spread in order to break up the text and allow for extensive illustration. 


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