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  • Brazil's Student Upsurge

    Brazil’s massive student occupations are occurring against a backdrop of crumbling left parties and a vicious austerity government. Read More

Castro’s Legacy and Impact

By Avi Chomsky and Gregory Wilpert, The Real News Network From ZNet A TRNN interview with Aviva Chomsky on the occasion of Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday that discusses his impact on Cuba and the global revolutionary movement. GREGORY WILPERT, TRNN: Welcome


South Africa avoided dreaded junk status – but S&P’s arguments are also junk

By Patrick Bond, Professor of Political Economy, University of the Witwatersrand Originally From The Conversation South Africa avoided dreaded junk status – but S&P’s arguments are also junk The whole economically-aware population of South Africa is celebrating that the three main ratings


History Will be the Judge: Fidel Castro, 1926-2016

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader of revolution, has died aged 90. Here is an extract from Tariq Ali‘s introduction to The Declarations of Havana, Verso’s collection of Castro’s speeches. On 26 July 1953 an angry young lawyer, Fidel Castro, led a


Tibute: Eduardo Galeano on Fidel Castro

His enemies say he was an uncrowned king who confused unity with unanimity. And in that his enemies are right. His enemies say that if Napoleon had a newspaper like Granma, no Frenchman would have learned of the disaster at


Can the ICC prosecute Tony Blair and others who can still evade prosecution today?

Following up the article about South Africa leaving the ICC which AIDC published in the newsletter I followed up on the discussion of “Why Tony Blair (and other so-called western leaders) haven’t been charged with war crimes?” This question always


What Is Socialism for the Twenty-First Century?

By Michael A. Lebowitz From Monthly Review Often the best way to begin to understand something is to consider what it is not. Socialism for the twenty-first century is not a society in which people sell their ability to work and


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