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Covid-19 and the economy

Covid-19 and the economy Amandla Correspondent | Amandla Issue 70 | June, 2020 In many ways, Covid-19 has proven itself an enemy perfectly suited for the modern age. In a time of rolling news cycles and diminishing attention spans, it

George Floyd murder: a movement erupts

George Floyd murder: a movement erupts Jack Gerson |Amandla 70|June 2020 On May 25 George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis police, pinned to the ground and strangled, a knee on his neck, for nearly nine minutes. It was a

The uprising

The Uprising Lewis Barnes |Amandla 70 | June 2020 The recent rebellions against police murder of black people in the United States have shaken every level of society. On May 25th, four Minneapolis policemen converged on George Floyd in his

Will Neoliberalism Fall

Will Neoliberalism Fall Editorial| Amandla Magazine Issue 70 | June 2020 A tragedy is unfolding in South Africa. The tragedy is not only about Covid-19 and the lockdown crisis. It did not start at the end of March. It has

Time for the revival of the BIG coalition

Time for the revival of the BIG coalition Amandla Online | May 2020 An idea whose time has come “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”,  said Victor Hugo. This quote helps us understand the growing

The Real Jobs Summit: a long journey to economic and political freedom

The Real Jobs Summit: a long journey to economic and political freedom Amandla Correspondent | Amandla 69 | April/May 2020 In 2018, newly appointed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inaugural State of the Nation promised what would in effect be a presidency

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Fight for a living income grant that frees the working class from wage slavery.

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DUMA GQUBULE: A basic income grant should form part of economic strategy for a depression

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To hear about challenges directly faced by the working class in South Africa, staff writer @Shokispeare spoke to th…

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