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  • Brazil's Student Upsurge

    Brazil’s massive student occupations are occurring against a backdrop of crumbling left parties and a vicious austerity government. Read More

Obscene Inequality – Eight men’s wealth equals half the world

From: Climate & Capitalism An ecosocialist journal (Adapted from Oxfam International News Release, January 16, 2017)  The gap between rich and poor is far greater than previously reported, because the poorest half of the world has even less wealth than


Defend our right to strike!

From Amandla! Issue 25 The South African Constitution proclaims that everyone has the right to strike. The entrenchment of this right was bought at a high cost by the majority of working men and women through, amongst others, the use


Rightful Radical Resistance: Mass Mobilization and Land Struggles in India & Brazil

Originally published by International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict This ICNC Academic Webinar took place on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 12 p.m. EST. This live academic webinar was presented by Kurt Schock, Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Affairs, Rutgers


Reparation, Remembering the past, Shaping the future:

Slavery, slave trade and colonialism I am particularly honored to speak face a such audience and I would like thank the government of Gambia for the invitation and the organization of the colloquium and particularly its representative, Mamadou Tangara, who,


Why we need a living wage campaign

Editorial from Amandla! Issue No.20 | JULY/AUGUST 2011 The ideologues of business have started a systematic and sustained campaign against the wages and the laws that protect workers. The job crisis is central to their campaign and deregulation is their

Noam Chomsky speaking to Occupy Harvard (Feb 12)

Noam Chomksy: Socialism in an Age of Reaction

Socialism in an Age of Reaction: As he approaches ninety years old, Noam Chomsky’s bibliography just keeps expanding. Fortunately for the international left, he also continues giving interviews. Chomsky sat down for a conversation at his office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Interviewed by


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