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  • The Black Student Rebellion of 1976

    A defining feature of the 1976 uprising was the decisive entry of black students onto the stage of history...Read More
Amandla! 46: Sneak Peak
The Student Movement in Quebec "All the time, everywhere, people resist. Sometimes openly, sometimes secretly. Sometimes locally Sometimes everywhere. Where there is oppression, there is resistance”...Read More

Why popular movements win: the student movement in Quebec

  All the time, everywhere, people resist. Sometimes openly, sometimes secretly. Sometimes locally, sometimes more broadly. As Mao said “Where there is oppression, there is resistance”. Some popular movements are victorious, while many others lose. As activists we constantly ask


Beyond ‘White Monopoly Capital’: Who owns South Africa?

BEYOND ‘WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL’ WHO OWNS SOUTH AFRICA? The debate on ‘white monopoly capital’ has some blind spots as it omits the role of the state in ownership and control of the means of production. The state also controls the

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Rating Agencies – the global gendarmerie of casino capitalism

  Let me begin with a confession: I am not an economist. However, I have had the benefit of reading some world-renowned economists who are critical of the economics that make rating agencies more powerful than governments. Ha-Joon Chang, of

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Feminisms of the Left – and socialist feminists

I like our panel’s title: “Feminisms of the Left.” There is a long and confusing collection of names for those who are both leftists and feminists: Marxist feminist, socialist feminist, materialist feminist, black feminist, feminist socialist, anarcho-feminist, and so on.


Globalization: Neoliberalism Is a Political Project

David Harvey on what neoliberalism actually is — and why the concept matters. Eleven years ago, David Harvey published A Brief History of Neoliberalism, now one of the most cited books on the subject. The years since have seen new


Enabling the Ratings Agencies

Source: Amandla! Magazine Issue 46 Editorial Since Nenegate, 9 December 2015, we have all become extras in a Hollywood Thriller – “Apocalypse Downgrade”. The hero of the movie is our own dashing Pravin Gordhan. His adversary, the wicked but mysterious Standudnpho.


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