• Celebrating the Past, Building the Future [Editorial]

    "Celebrating the Past, Building the Future” and has 2 main features (1) local struggles and (2) the centenary of the Russian Revolution Read More

7 Che Guevara quotes

7 Che Guevara quotes   Revolutionary Marxist – Che Guevara was murdered 50 years ago today.  Here are 7 of his more famous quotes, enjoy: If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine. 

W(h)ither the Students?

W(h)ither the Students? Christopher Morris | Amandla! Magazine Issue 54 | October 2017 As I sat down to write this article, news of police moving in to squash protest at Cape University of Technology (CPUT) had just blown up over

Addiction to hot money retards growth, fuels inequality

Addiction to hot money retards growth, fuels inequality by Neva Mekgatla World Bank data show how much of an outlier SA is when it comes to global financial markets. It provides consistent information on capital inflows for 32 upper-middle-income economies

New Climate Jobs Booklet (2017)

It is important for South Africa to transition away from the Mineral Energy Complex to a low carbon economy which meets the basic needs of communities are met in an equitable, sustainable and affordable way. Since 2011, a number of developments

Lenin Moreno: a new chapter for Ecuador?

Lenin Moreno: a new chapter for Ecuador? By David Fig in Quito | Amandla Magazine  As Ecuador’s new president, Lenin Moreno Garcés, gave his inaugural speech to the National Assembly members and a number of invited Latin America’s presidents, an

AIDC Library

AIDC Resource and Information Centre Library A space for activists and all those interested in understanding our rapidly changing world   About AIDC hosts one of the most exciting libraries of progressive books, magazines and documentary films. The collection contains material essential