• Communities, workers and students call for pro-poor budget

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[Amandla! Forum] State Capture & the Shadow State:

State Capture & the Shadow State: Betrayal of a promise is Prof Mark Swilling and a number of other leading academics attempt at a systematic analysis of the Zupta state capture project.  Pravin Gordhan repeatedly asks us to connect the dots.


Crossing the divide: Saftu’s Challenge

Crossing the divide: Saftu’s Challenge By Eddie Webster | Amandla! Magazine | Issue 52 | May 2017 The long awaited launch of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) in Boksburg on 27th April promises to be a voice


Pat Mooney podcast on Mergers

Audio recording of Pat Mooney talking about mergers and who controls the rights to water, land and seeds. Listen here: Pat Mooney has more than four decades experience working in international civil society, first addressing aid and development issues and

Picture credit: Rodger Bosch, AFP

Drought and floods: take an umbrella if it’s going to rain

Drought and floods: Take an umbrella if it’s going to rain By Jeff Rudin Drought? What drought? All the talk in the second week of June is about floods and fires. Unpleasant memories have a short shelf-life; a reminder is


SAFTU contacts per sector

SAFTU contacts per sector The emergence of the new federation, SAFTU, offers hope to the current crisis in national worker representation and presents itself as a new dawn for South Africa’s trade union movement. It has proposed to fulfill the


#MenAreTrash Talk [Podcast]

#MenAreTrash Talk [Podcast] Amandla Magazine facilitated and hosted a discussion to reflect on how organisations and movements are addressing gender based violence within their organisations / movements and how these organisations / movements are tackling patriarchy in general. In this