• Boycott Robertson Wine

    Week 3, the strike continues "...Read more

CSAAWU General Secretary on the Robertson Winery Strike

From: Trevor Christians CSAAWU General Secretary 15 September 2015 Dear Comrades Again our thanks for your feedback and continuous support for the struggle of striking Roberson Winery workers and rural workers in general. Your support has forced the Winery bosses


Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine Ilan Pappé interviewed by Alejandra Ríos From A Socialist Project e-bulletin No. 1305 September 16, 2016 Pappé was interviewed by Alejandra Ríos for Left Voice, where this article first appeared. ———————————————- Alejandra Ríos (AR): You’ve talked

Interview with Ilham Rawoot organiser of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal in Swaziland

Southern Africans speak at Tribunal to dismantle corporate power

Southern Africans speak at Tribunal to dismantle corporate power (16 August 2016 – Manzini, Swaziland, SEATINI Reportage) – Testimonies expected from people and communities at the International Permanent Peoples Tribunal included a litany of charges against various Transnational Corporations (TNCs)

Restructuring Eskom 
 Restoring Eskom - What is making it ill?...Read More

Restoring ESKOM – what’s making it ill?

Restoring ESKOM –  what’s making it ill? (Paper presented by Jeff Rudin at an EG-SA meeting on Restructuring Eskom, 7 Sept 2016) Mention the word ‘Eskom’ and the standard response, once the eye-rolling and hair pulling is over, is the


The 18 month “moratorium” in Xolobeni – Amadiba Update

Amadiba Crisis Committee 2016-09-15: The 18 month “moratorium” in Xolobeni After one year of violence and intimidation, culminating in the murder of ACC chair Bazooka Radebe 22 March, the Mining Minister Mr Zwane today declared an 18 month moratorium for the Xolobeni


High Tea Fundraiser

Please support this initiative to raise funds in support of the Robertson Winery Strike. Even if you know you will not make the high tea, a donation will be highly appreciated. Tickets are R50.  The strike is now in its